Terms and Conditions

Earn with Aeroméxico, SkyTeam® airlines and/or affiliated airlines

Terms and Conditions 

You acknowledge and accept these “Terms and Conditions for Earn with Aeroméxico, SkyTeam® airlines and/or affiliated airlines”. 


Aeroméxico Rewards Members (“Members” or the “Member”) may accrue Aeroméxico Rewards Points for their flights on board Aeroméxico, SkyTeam® airlines and airlines affiliated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

In order to accrue Aeroméxico Rewards Points, one must:

  • Provide one’s Aeroméxico Rewards account number when booking flights at Travel Agencies, at Aeroméxico Ticketing Offices, on Aeroméxico, SkyTeam® airlines and affiliated airlines booking centers, and on 
  • Provide one’s Aeroméxico Rewards Card or Account number at the counter when checking-in at the airport.
  • Keep a copy of one’s tickets for potential clarifications.


These Terms and Conditions are valid indefinitely. Aeroméxico Rewards may cancel this promotion at any moment, without prior notice.


  • Aeroméxico Rewards Points for flights on board Aeroméxico, SkyTeam™ airlines and/or airlines affiliated to Aeroméxico Rewards may be accrued up to 6 (six) months after the flight. Should the Member not request their accrual within said period, the Member will lose the right to accrue Aeroméxico Rewards Points for said flights.
  • Aeroméxico Rewards Points will be accrued based on the last participating fare purchased. Not applicable to upgrades to any category.
  • Premier Point accrual will take place up to 72 (seventy-two) hours after the flight was completed, as long as it was actually flown. 
  • Premier Point accrual does not apply in the following cases:
  1. Accrual of flights taken 1 month before enrollment to the Aeroméxico Rewards program.
  2. The first and last name(s) on the ticket do not match the first and last name(s) in the Aeroméxico Rewards account.
  3. Aeroméxico Rewards Award Tickets.
  4. Tickets with group or charter fares.
  5. Free transportation vouchers (Class “G” tickets).
  6. Tickets paid at net fare.
  7. Flights on airlines not affiliated to the Program, except when there is a prior shared code with such airline.
  8. Cancelled or non-boarded flights.
  9. Points/kilometers/miles are accrued on a frequent flyer program other than Aeroméxico Rewards.
  10. The flight was not boarded, not flown or the passenger was classified as “no show”.

Benefits and bonuses 

Review the options in the “Use” and “Promotions” menus on

Calculate how many Aeroméxico Rewards Points you will earn  for your flight with Aeroméxico on:

Calculate how many Aeroméxico Rewards Points you will earn  for your flight with SkyTeam airlines on: 

Calculate how many Aeroméxico Rewards Points you will earn  for your flight with affiliated airlines on: 


If you need the digital fiscal receipt for your purchase, you can get it by clicking here and entering your authorization number and member number. Your fiscal receipt will be available 2 (two) working days after payment. After that, you will have 8 (eight) calendar days to request your electronic invoice by providing federal taxpayer’s ID, fiscal address and e-mail.


Aeroméxico Rewards reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate should it detect frauds, fraudulent conducts or wrongdoing by Members with Aeroméxico Rewards accounts. 

General Terms and Conditions

Aeroméxico Rewards Points will be subject to the rules of the Aeroméxico Rewards Program, available on “the Website”

Aeroméxico Rewards reserves the right to amend Plans, the amount and the Benefits at any time, without prior notice.

Enrollment into the Aeroméxico Rewards Program does not guarantee the availability of any reward in the Aeroméxico Rewards Program. Aeroméxico Rewards is not responsible for Members’ ability or inability to use, exchange or redeem Aeroméxico Rewards Points earned by signing up for Aeroméxico Rewards.

Should enrollment to Aeroméxico Rewards be used by Members for improper purposes or unduly obtained from a Bank Card, fraud or any other unlawful means, Aeroméxico Rewards may, at its sole discretion, cancel, void, refuse to honor and/or confiscate them and pursue any and all rights and remedies that may be available.

The Member agrees to cooperate with all reasonable requests by Aeroméxico Rewards aimed at investigating or taking legal action against any party involved or any party suspected of being involved in the unlawful use of enrollment into the Aeroméxico Rewards program, of committing fraud with such enrollment, and fraudulent conducts or wrongdoing by Members in connection with Aeroméxico Rewards Accounts.

The member accepts the awarding and use of Aeroméxico Rewards Points are subject to the Aeroméxico Rewards Program terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations. 

The validity of credited Aeroméxico Rewards Points will be governed by the current Premier Point Validity Policy and by the Aeroméxico Rewards Program rules.

Aeroméxico Rewards Points referred to in the Aeroméxico Rewards Program are not actual physical points, but a representation of credits in the Aeroméxico Rewards Program. Said Points are not equivalent or convertible to cash currency.

Personal data

Any processing of personal data by Aeroméxico Rewards, as well as the exercise of ARCO Rights by Members, shall be done in accordance with the Law and Regulations applicable in the United Mexican States, and in compliance with the provisions of the Aeroméxico Rewards Privacy Notice, which you accepted prior to signing up for Aeroméxico Rewards (please go to to review the Privacy Notice)

In accordance with the Federal Act for the Prevention and Identification of Transactions with Illegal Proceeds and as a result from certain activities by Members deemed vulnerable activities by the authorities, Aeroméxico Rewards shall share your Personal Data with the relevant authorities. 

Money laundering

By accepting and participating in this mechanism, you expressly authorize Aeroméxico Rewards to transfer your contact information (name, member number, phone number, e-mail address) to Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V. and to third parties subcontracted by Aeroméxico Rewards to grant the benefits of this promotion. Said data may also be transferred to companies appointed by Aeroméxico Rewards for such purpose (including, but not limited to, hotel chains, airlines, ground transportation services and the like).

The information contained in Notices given to the relevant authorities shall be used exclusively to prevent, identify, investigate and sanction transactions with illegal proceeds and associated crimes. The aforementioned personal data shall be safeguarded under the terms of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.


These Terms and Conditions, in connection with their interpretation or compliance, shall be governed by the Law and jurisdiction of the competent Courts in Mexico City, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of subject-matter or present or future address.

Should you have any questions or need clarification on these terms and conditions, please contact us at this e-mail: [email protected].

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