Ethics and Corporate Integrity

Ethics and Corporate Integrity

At Aeroméxico Rewards we are committed to make our values the guide that inspire us every day to find the best in each Experience.

At Aeroméxico Rewards we are aware that, to maintain lasting relationships between employees, Partners, and suppliers we must act based on a framework of Ethics and Corporate Integrity.
That is why we have enacted extensive and robust internal regulations aligned with the National Anti-Corruption System, generating a series of specific measures to achieve transparent, safe and responsible relationships.


By virtue of the foregoing, we have integrated the most pertinent regulatory framework of our Compliance Program, which includes: the Code of Ethics, document where we regulate the expected behavior between us and the action towards our Partners, partners and suppliers, based on integrity. You will also find regulation related to anti-corruption, conflict of interest and information security, among other issues derived from our Compliance Program.

Furthermore, being a company aware of our planet and the importance of social development, we have added the actions that we have taken to protect the environment and our sustainable development.

At Aeroméxico Rewards we reaffirm our utmost commitment to respect Human Rights, which is why, within this portal, we have decided to embody our campaigns and / or actions related to promoting equality and non-discrimination towards any person.

We will continue to take actions and measures to ensure the well-being of our employees and Aeroméxico Rewards in order to find the best in each Experience.

Our values


At Aeroméxico Rewards we develop constructive, transparent and lasting relationships with our Partners, Employees and Partners.


We are responsible for our actions, decisions and their results. We accept our mistakes and work to correct them.


We support each other; We seek to maintain and take care of our alliances to achieve successful results. We share ideas and collaborate as a team to maximize our capacity.


We are committed to treat everybody with full respect and provide the same opportunities for everyone.


Declaration against Corruption

At Aeroméxico Rewards we have "Zero Tolerance" towards Corruption and we will not justify or tolerate any form of Corruption or Bribery, we confirm that each action we take is in accordance with our Code of Ethics, internal regulation and any applicable national or foreign law.

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is based on the values ​​that distinguish us, it also brings together both ethical conducts and guidelines that regulate the behavior of all the employees of Aeroméxico Rewards, and third parties with whom we interact.

In this new version, we have reinforced our commitment to our employees, interest groups, society and the environment.

Download Code of Ethics

Areas of our Program


  • Code of ethics
  • Anti-corruption Policy
  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Due Diligence Policy of third parties


  • Committee
  • Ethics Committee


  • Internat comm through infographics, presentations, among others
  • Adherence to the Code of Ethics and annual training certification
  • Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
  • Annual Training Program in Protection of Personal Data


We use secure data encryption for the transmission of any personal information, and we constantly work to adhere our processes to the best practices in terms of information security.

Information Security Policy: We have two studies on Information Security according to NIST / ISO27002 standards.


At Aeroméxico Rewards we are aware of the importance of sustainable development, which is why we have taken actions to contribute to our environment with our daily activities

  • Promotion of green spaces
  • Link with our close communities
  • 3Rs (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) campaigns


Whistleblower line

We have a Whistleblower Line for our employees, partners and suppliers.

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